• Functions
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Sequence & Series
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Simultaneous linear equations

  • 24.5 hours on-demand video
  • 15 articles
  • 55 downloadable resources
  • 30 Day access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

This course is carefully designed to explain High School Math (Pure Mathematics 1) to the Cambridge(IB) board AS/A level students.

It has 181 lectures spanning 24+ hours of on-demand videos that are divided into 15 sections. Each topic is explained extensively – by solving multiple questions along with the student during the lectures. The students are also provided and encouraged to solve practice questions & quizzes provided at the end of each topic.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Types of Numbers
  • Prime factors
  • Bodmas
  • Rules of Algebra
  • Factorising
  • Solving Equations
  • Integrationn
  • Simultaneous linear equations in two variablesn
  • Essential Revision Sectionn

Essential Revision Section is for revision of basic Algebra 1 topics like Finding Values of Algebraic Expressions, Fractional Indices, Higher Indices, Rules of Brackets, Simplification by removing brackets (BODMAS), Simplifications of Algebraic Fractions, Solving complex Linear Equations in one variable, Simplifications of Algebraic Fractions and different factorization techniques along with middle term split.

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